Reduce your footprint with Stoolie Stool

Small footprint, stylish design

Stoolie’s small footprint keeps your bathroom tidy, and its stylish design keeps your bathroom beautiful.

Does the world really need another toilet stool?

Yes. We know you want to feel good about your poops without sacrificing your bathroom décor or using more plastic than you need. The problem with other toilet stools is that they are either bulky and unsightly or made entirely of plastic, or both. We believe there’s a better choice for you, your bathroom and the environment.

What makes Stoolie different?

Stoolie is unlike any other toilet stool because of how it’s made, what it’s made of, and how it looks.

The unique Stoolie shape is created using a traditional woodworking method called steam bending. Made pliable by steam, thin strips of wood are applied by hand to a mold to create the desired shape. Now less common, steam bending is a time-honoured art form for making original wood objects of superior quality. Once formed, Stoolie is stained or painted by hand.

Stoolie is made from sustainably grown White Birch certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that certifies wood and paper products made from trees grown in sustainably managed forests. The same high standard applies to our premium quality finishes. Unlike most commercial wood stains and paints that contain chemical additives with documented toxic effects, our finishes are 100% VOC-free, making them safe for people, plants and animals.

The way Stoolie is made is traditional, yet its design is fresh and modern. Its curved top and rounded edges are visually pleasing, and it nestles neatly beside the toilet when not in use, making Stoolie a stylish yet discreet complement to your bathroom.

Commitment to do no harm to the environment

Pointing the way forward towards a sustained commitment to addressing the plastic problem, the following corporations are a small sampling of who’s taking action:

— Stoolie is made from white birch certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

— Our wood stain and paint finishes are plant- and water-based, 100% free of VOCs, biodegradable and completely safe for people, plants and animals.

— From our uncoated shipping box, Kraft paper sealing tape, and recyclable packing and marketing materials, our packaging is entirely eco-friendly.

The challenge of solving the plastic pollution problem can seem overwhelming. No one can solve it alone, but collectively it is possible to reduce, and ultimately reverse, plastic’s destructive impact.