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About Us

Craftsman crafting a Stoolie Stool

Handcrafted in Canada

Stoolie Stool Inc. is an independent small business based in Toronto, Canada.

Stoolie is produced by a family-owned Quebec manufacturer of hand-crafted, artisanal wood products of superior quality. Our packaging and marketing materials, as well as our wood care products and essential oils, are provided by local suppliers.

Beautiful Canadian forest

Care for the Environment

Our commitment to doing no harm to the environment extends beyond the Stoolie to our packaging, from our uncoated shipping box, Kraft paper sealing tape, and recyclable packing and marketing materials.

We aren't perfect but we strive to have the lowest environmental impact we possibly can.

Louise Comtois founder of Stoolie Stool

The Founder

Louise Comtois is a Holistic Nutritionist in Toronto, Canada. For thirteen years, Louise was the Director of the D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre. Her desire to help others resolve troublesome digestive issues stems from her own past experience with constant bloating and chronic constipation.

Unable to find an attractive, functional and sustainable toilet stool, Louise created the Stoolie. Beautifully crafted and completely safe for the environment, Stoolie helps you achieve epic poops without compromising your style - or your values.

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