Poop Fails Feel Lousy

Are you experiencing the emotional and physical discomfort of infrequent or incomplete bowel movements?

  • An unpleasant feeling of abdominal fullness or tightness
  • An inability to concentrate or focus
  • Loss of appetite or avoiding eating
  • Feeling like you don't look your best
  • Avoiding or feeling ill at ease in social situations
  • Irritability, moodiness, fatigue

Epic Poops Feel Amazing

  • Enjoy better poops

    By adjusting your body to the perfect pooping position, Stoolie promotes easier, quicker and more complete eliminations
  • Give your body a boost

    The health of your bowel affects the health of your whole body- from immunity and hormones to your brain, heart and liver to your skin, hair and nails
  • Get energized

    Healthy pooping can improve sleep, reduce anxiety and increase confidence so you can MAKE **IT HAPPEN too!

From Poop Fail To Epic Poop

Without sacrificing your style - or your values.

Beautifully hand-crafted from all-natural materials.
Available in 14 designer shades.

MAKE **IT HAPPEN with STOOLIE Toilet Stool

Let's Get **IT Out of Our Oceans" We are producing far too much plastic believing it is disposable. It's not. It's indestructible."

~ Jo Ruxton, Producer of A Plastic Ocean

Stoolie is made from Canadian Cherry wood certified by the FSC and finished with premium quality non-toxic, organic paints and stains. As part of our commitment to do no harm to the environment, Stoolie Stool Inc. donates a portion of its proceeds to Plastic Oceans International, an organization dedicated to cleaning up plastic waste from the earth's oceans. Read more.